Asthma and pregnancy

άσθμα και εγκυμοσύνη

What is asthma?

Asthma is a condition which causes difficulty in breathing. It is not always accompanied by symptoms. However, when symptoms occur, they may be severe. Usually they consist of noisy breathing, coughing and feeling chest tightness.

Do asthma symptoms change during pregnancy?

Sometimes. During pregnancy, symptoms may improve, worsen or stay constant.

What is the treatment of asthma?

Treatment of asthma involves various types of drugs. These can be inhalers, liquids or pills. In severe cases they can be administered intramuscularly or even intravenously. Each drug has a different way of action. So it can:

  • Relieve the symptoms.
  • Control symptoms long-term and help prevent them.

In partnership with your doctor you will draw a plan of action. This will include a list of instructions that will determine your act depending on the symptoms and other factors.

Is it safe to take any asthma medications during pregnancy?

Yes. Most of them are safe. If any of these are not safe, your doctor will advise you and will make appropriate modifications. It is important that the patient takes the medication regularly as prescribed by the doctor to keep his asthma well controlled. Otherwise there may be a risk to the health of both the pregnant and the fetus.

Which doctor is appropriate for monitoring of pregnant women with asthma?

You may need several doctors. The gynecologist will care for the proper development of pregnancy and the pulmonologist for the control of asthma.

Are any tests needed to be done during pregnancy?

Yes, your doctor will probably recommend a breath test to check the lungs. He can also recommend you to use a flow meter at home for daily monitor of your lungs flow. Moreover, there may be needed some tests for checking the health of the fetus, such as blood tests and ultrasound.

What else can be done to prevent asthma symptoms during pregnancy?

  • You should avoid triggers that worsen asthma. These may be different aeroallergens, pollen, animal dander, tobacco smoke, household dust etc.
  • Stop smoking and avoid socializing with people who smoke.
  • Vaccination against influenza virus.

Will the child be born healthy after all?

If the pregnant woman’s asthma is well controlled during pregnancy, the chances of a child born completely healthy is great.

Can a woman with asthma to breastfeed her child properly?

Breastfeeding is very important for child development. Maternal milk protects the child from various infections through antibodies he receives, and has a lower risk of developing wheezing episodes in the first two years of his life. In any case, the doctor will evaluate your claim and advise you if you can breastfeed without any risk to the child, based on the medicines you take to treat asthma.