Skin prick tests

δερματικά αλλεργικά τεστ

What are skin prick tests?

Skin prick tests is a useful tool in the diagnosis of allergic diseases, especially of allergies that can be associated with bronchial asthma, concerning their use in Pulmonology.
On the forearm or the back of the examinee, different extracts of allergens are placed and then a simple pinch is made. Moreover, always are checked simultaneously a positive and a negative control. A very comfortable technique is used, by which a check is made for 6 allergens simultaneously through a single pinch, thus the test is entirely painless and convenient for the patient. The result is read after about 20 minutes.
It is  a completely safe and painless test. The cutaneous allergy tests usually do not have any serious side effects. Finally, the examinee after the test can do whatever activity he wants, without any limitation caused by the test.

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