Dry powder inhalers

εισπνεομενα ξηρής σκόνηςAre there various types of dry powder inhalers?

Yes, there are 2 main categories of these medicines:

  1. Single dose inhaler
  2. Multidose inhaler

How is dry powder inhaler used?

Each inhaled aerosol has its own instructions. The doctor will show you exactly how they should be used. Generally, the following instructions describe the steps followed for use of these drugs:

  1. Open inhaler, or remove the lid.
  2. Insert the capsule into the appropriate slot: For a single dose spray,  pull the capsule out of the box and place it into the slot of the spray.
  3. Then you need to press 1 or more buttons of the spray to pierce the capsule. For multidose spray, place the dose by rotating a portion of the spray.
  4.  Hold the inhaler in the correct position. Some must be vertical, others horizontal. Sprays multiple doses usually need to be horizontal.
  5. Breath out normally.
  6. Place the spray in your mouth.
  7. Breathe in quickly, firmly and as deep as you can.
  8. Remove the spray from the mouth and hold your breath for 5-10 seconds.
  9. Breath normally.
  10. For a single dose spray, open the lid and remove the used capsule.
  11. Close the lid of the spray.
  12. Rinse your mouth with water, then 1-2 gargle and spit the water.
  13. Keep your medicine in a cool, dry place.

Do I need to clean the inhaler?

No. Do not wash with water the inhaler. Also avoid putting it under the tap. If the connector is dirty on your mouth, you can clean it gently with a dry cloth.

How can I understand that the spray is empty?

Many dry powder inhaler medications have built-in counters showing total integrated doses remaining. When the indicator reaches zero, it means that the spray must be discarded because it has no amount of medicine available. Be sure to get new medicine before you finish the current one. If the spray does not have built-in counter, it is necessary for the user himself to count how many doses of the drug remain.

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