Polygraphic portable sleep study

μελέτη ύπνου κατ᾽οίκονWhat is the sleep study at home?

The sleep study at home or as otherwise called polygraphic portable sleep study is a recording of sleep during the night while the examinee sleeps at his house. It records and evaluates of the function of heart, muscles, respiratory system and body position during sleep. It is noted that portable sleep study is an examination completely painless and without any risk or side effects for the patient.

Throughout the night, the patient sleeps at his home while he is connected to a specific device through specialized sensors. The results are evaluated within 72H by Dr. Andreas Zachariades, Pulmonologist & Sleep Disorders Specialist. Different sleep problems are assessed like sleep apnea syndrome, central apneas etc.

However it is important to know that the portable sleep study is indicated ONLY to people with a strong clinical suspicion of severe sleep apnea syndrome, or for reevaluation of sleep apnea syndrome after treatment has started. IN ALL OTHER CASES THERE IS AN INDICATION FOR THE COMPLETE POLYSOMNOGRAPHY sleep study in the sleep laboratory.

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