Polysomnography in the Lab

μελέτη ύπνουWhat is a laboratory sleep study?

The sleep study in the laboratory or as otherwise called laboratory polysomnography sleep study (PSG study) is the complete recording of a subject’s sleep while the he/she is sleeping in the sleep laboratory. Many parameters are recorded and evaluated, like the function of the brain, heart, muscles, respiratory systeme, eye movements and body position (to mention some). The examination is accompanied by audio and visual recordings using latest techonology camera with infrared accesory. It is noted that the PSG sleep study is an examination completely painless and without any risk or side effects for the examinee.

Throughout the night, a trained technician is present for safety reasons. Moreover, the technician records some important parameters of the examinee, like the saturation of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in cases of hypercapnia. The study is scored exclusively by Dr Andreas Zachariades, Pulmonologist – Sleep Disorders Specialist within 72H. In addition to Sleep Apnea Syndrome, other diagnoses like Restless Leg Syndrome, Bruxism, Narcolepsy, other Parasomnias (like REM sleep behavioural disorder, sleep terrors, confusional arousals, etc), Insomnia and many other sleep problems are fully investigated.

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