1. How can I have an appointment with doctor?

You can call 22355188 or you can fill the “Book Now” form on your right.

2. Where does the doctor examine his patients?

Doctor Zachariades examines in his office in 101 Acropoleos Avenue, (opposite to Marks & Spencer) in Nicosia and he also examines in American Medical Center (ex American Heart Institute).

3. What can I do if I snore?

Simple snoring is usually an innocent situation. Moreover, if you have symptoms indicative of sleep apnea syndrome like daytime sleepiness, then you should have a sleep study to exclude this condiotion.

4. I have a cough since some days. Do I have to worry?

Cough has many causes in medicine. In case that it persists or you have sputum, you should visit your pulmonologist and have a spirometry.

5. Why should I prefer have a sleep laboratory study instead of a portable sleep study?

Laboratory sleep study is a more complete and detailed test and gives more information regarding your sleep, since it includes Encephalogram and Electromyogram. In addition, it includes a video recording, so that some subtle sleep disturbances can get diagnosed reliably.

6. I smoke and I am concerned about my health. What tests should I do with my pulmonologist?

Taking into consideration the amount of smoking (cigarettes per day, years of smoking etc), your age and other factors, it is possible that you are going to need a spirometry. Of course, full Pulmonary Function Tests (spirometry + diffusion + static lung volumes) are much more better as a complete evaluation of your respiratory function. In addition your pulmonologist might ask you to have a chest xray and/or Coronary Tomography of chest if he believes that those exams are necessary for you.

7. What does Sleep Disorders Specialist mean

The specialty of sleep disorders takes into consideration all the aspects regarding sleep, like insomnia, apnea, snoring, bruxism, restless sleep syndrome, narcolepsy, sleep walking, parasomnias and many others. For a doctor to become Sleep Specialist, it is required that he has extra specialization for at least 12 months in a sleep center of abroad, and in addition he has to pass national and european exams organized by ESRS. Anything less than those criteria are not enough to give him the title of Somnologist-Sleep Disorders Specialist.